Fisheries Industrial Technology Research and Development Division 

 ข้อมูลองค์กร  ประวัติความเป็นมา


Fisheries Industrial Technology Research and Development Division (FTDD) was initially established as a research and inspection laboratory in 1956 and further promoted as a division in 1975 to carry on research and development and extension work in fields of post-harvest technology and processing of fish and fishery products.



• Research and development on

  - Post-harvest technology

  - Quality control and management system for fishery products

  - Utilization of fishery resources

• Promote Good Manufacturing Practices and other related standards to the private sector.

• Provide technological consultation in relation to post harvest and fish processing issues.


Roles and Responsibilities

General Administration Sub-Division 
• Administer general affairs.
• Manage the account and budget.


Research and Development for Extension Group
•   Gather general problems and needs of the traditional processors and private sectors in order to provide better technology.
•   Transfer fish processing technologies from research to private sectors.
•   Create a systematic data base in order to provide information and technical services in fish and fishery products.
•   Provide training courses on fish post-harvest and processing technology for local and international participants.
•   Provide advisory and consultation services to the industries on issues related to fishery technology.

Fish Handling Research and Development Group
•  Develop handling technology to prolong shelf-life of aquatic animals after harvesting.
•  Improve methods for fish handling on shore, transportation and distribution system to maintain freshness and good hygiene throughout the production chain.


Fisheries Product Research and Development Group
•  Improve technologies in fish processing by using biotechnology and innovative methods to add value of the products at minimum cost.
•  Create new products creation according to availability of raw materials and by- products from industry.
•  Utilize fish industrial by-product for human consumption and other applications.

Fish Packaging Research and Development Group
•  Conduct research and development on packaging types, forms and materials for fish and fishery products.
•  Develop environmental friendly packaging techniques and design in response to the need of the private sector.

Fish and Fishery Product Safety Research Group
•  Monitor and survey on quality of raw material and fishery products.
•  Conduct research on harmful bio-toxin, contaminants and other residues.
•  Risk assessment of safety and quality of fisheries establishments including fish landing site.


Fishery Products and Raw Materials Quality Inspection and Research Group
•   Conduct research and development on in-house method for analyses chemical, microbiological and physical properties to improve accuracy and efficiency of laboratory system to meet and maintain international standards.
•  Carry out all analytical and laboratory works of the Division.
•  Establish an information center regarding laboratory quality and method.


Fisheries Post-Harvest Engineering Group
•  Conduct research and development on mechanical equipment and methods on fish harvesting, landing, handling, processing and transportation.
•  Develop, design and construct equipment for small scale fish processing.


Fisheries Industrial Technology Research and Development Division
Department of Fisheries, Plodprasop Bldg., Kaset-Klang, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900, Thailand
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