Giant River Prawn Market @PTT

News Administrator 2020-06-01

Department of Fisheries cooperate with OR(PTT Oil and Retail Business Public Company Limited) to open the market of ′Giant River Prawn′ in the middle of Bangkok @PTT Station on sunday 7th June 2563 at PTT Station Station, Vibhavadi Road, Rangsit, Samsen, Phayathai District, Bangkok.

Mr. Mesak Pakdeekong, Departmen of Fisheries's Director General, Mr. Thaworn Jirasoponrak, Deputy Director-General, Mr. Bancha Sukkaew, Deputy Director-General with Mr. Boonma Phanthanakun, Deputy Director of Oil Reseller PTT Public Company Limited, Nangphanwadee Phutthayangur, manager of oil retail marketing, Mr. Pirawat Wachirophasanan, manager of central service station, joins to publicize the event of selling giant-river prawn in Bangkok. @PTT Station to help farmers after experiencing low selling prices from the COVID-19 crisis. It can be delivered directly to consumers. No need to go through the middle seller in the area of PTT Station in Bangkok which is locations where people is roaming. 1st: Sawddikarn PTT Station, Vibhavadi Road, Rangsit, 2nd: Prachauthit-Latphrao PTT Station, 3rd:Theprarak  PTT Station and the 4th: Talingchan PTT Station. Event will be available at 4 spots on Sunday 7th and 14th June 2563 from 09.00 onwards, until stocks last. Other processed aquarium products are also available for sale. Such as sundried Plasalid, sundried Plachon, processed catfish products such as sweet , crunchy , crispy , processed tilapia products such as Joplanil, sun roasted tilapia, Khuaking tilapia etc.