Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision Administrator 2020-03-20 13:10


         1. Promoting and encouraging increase of aquaculture production in all stages;
          2. Promoting and developing quality of aquaculture production and fishery products throughout the whole chain in complying with Thai and international standards;
          3. Regulating and controlling fisheries resources for sustainable utilization and maintenance of diversity including creating participation of fisheries community and people engaged in fisheries resources management in the community;
          4. Promoting and encouraging study and research on all areas of fisheries,  developing and transferring new fisheries technologies building upon research for the creative and value – added innovation;
          5. Promoting capacity building to enhance knowledge and expertise in line of responsibility including reorganizing structure of organization to be appropriate for new mission.


Developing and managing changes to be a fisheries leader and to build food security under the sustainable development


          1. Enhancement of aquaculture production.
          2. Quality development of aquaculture production and fishery products.
          3. Fisheries resources management for sustainability and diversity.
          4. Research and technical development including fisheries technologies.
          5. Human resources and organization development.


F = Friendly 
I = Integrity 
S = Smart 
H = Happiness 
E = Enthusiasm 
R = Responsibility 
I = Intelligence 
E = Energy 
S = Simplicity