Baan Tulakorpalus - a model cooperative in Narathiwat to fight against IUU fishing

Article Administrator 2019-10-30

Today, we’ll take you to Baan Tulakorpalus, a fishing village chosen as a model of marine resource conservation and a leader in the elimination of illegal, unregulated and unreported (IUU) fishing, with support from the government. Currently, it is the only village with a fishing cooperative in Narathiwat province.


Mustopa Useng, president of the Baan Tulakorpalus fishing group, told us that villagers from Ban Khao Tanyong and Ban Tulakorpalus got together in 2010 to find ways to protect their marine resources and aquatic creatures. They resolved to prohibit the use of illegal fishing equipment and ban fishermen from other villages from fishing in their areas.


In 2015, the government implemented measures to combat IUU fishing and support the recovery of marine ecosystems. Tulakorpalus village was then able to set up a fisheries cooperative located Kaluwo Nuea subdistrict, Muang Narathiwat district. This cooperative currently has 58 members.


"In the past, illegal fishing nets were used. After the government addressed the problem of illegal fishing nets, the marine environment improved. Fishermen are restricted to fishing on certain days, and only small boats are allowed. The fishing cooperative was set up to help the local fishermen have sustainable livelihoods," Mustopa said.


Prapatpong Taksinsamphan, head of fishing management in the Narathiwat Provincial Fisheries Office, said the fishery group has cooperated with the government to address IUU fishing and follow the royal initiatives of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great (Rama IX).


The group has strengthened the fishing village and brought other benefits to the locals. This is the origin of the fishing cooperative. Abdulroyah Arwae, vice president of the Baan Tulakorpalus fishing group, said the villagers have joined forces to set up this community organization to oversee marine resources, and they have become stronger. The fishing cooperative will support the local fishermen and improve their livelihoods.


Chana Amornwat, director of the cooperative promotion of Narathiwat Provincial Cooperative Office, said this is the only fishing cooperative in the southernmost province. It was established in August this year to provide fishing equipment to local fishermen and manage their product distribution.


"It’s not only fishermen. Farmers have to get together and help each other. They will have more negotiation power when they buy or sell their produce. Setting up a cooperative is better than other methods because it is a legal entity and can carry out many activities. It is also supported by civil agencies," he added.


The fisheries cooperative of Tulakorpalus village has many strong points and it is looking for ways to enhance them further.


Related agencies will have to support the processing of their products to increase their value, while encouraging 12 other fishing villages to form their own cooperatives like the one in Tulakorpalus village. The cooperatives benefit everyone and they can continue to live together peacefully

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