Seminar on post-IUU fishery sector

Article Administrator 2019-07-31

BANGKOK, 31 July 2019 (NNT) - After Thailand obtained a green card as an IUU-free country from the European Union, civil society got a glimpse of the improved situation of fisheries’ workers.

A seminar entitled ’’After IUU, go forward or stay put Potential and challenges in Thailand’s fisheries’’ has been organized by the Asian Research Center for Migration, of Chulalongkorn University’s Institute of Asian Studies in cooperation with the Thai Civil Society’s Coalition for Sustainable and Ethical Seafood.

The Department of Labor Protection and Welfare’s Deputy Director General, Somboon Traisilanand said today the labor situation has gradually improved following the removal of the IUU yellow card. However, authorities have continued to strictly enforce the law in line with international standards. Besides, the law has been amended to facilitate the employment of migrant workers from three foreign countries in a convenient, prompt and fair manner. In particular, legislation for the protection of workers in the fishing sector will be enacted in November.

Crewmembers on fishing boats are protected by welfare and safety measures. Officials regularly inspect fishing boats and workers in 22 coastal provinces to alleviate the concerns of the International Labor Organization over the payment of monthly wages to fishery workers. For instance, some workers’ ATM cards attached to accounts into which their wages were paid were allegedly seized by others.

Suthasini Kaewleklai of the Migrant Workers Rights Organization said this week that the fisheries’ labor situation has improved, given the amended legal protection. However, some problems remain unresolved and have been made more complicated. The authorities are urged to take proactive measures to help fishery workers who may still be mistreated.

written by National News Bureau & Public Relations