Legal action against whale shark caught by fisherman


Dr. Adisorn Promthep, Department of Fisheries's Director-General visit Phuket after being reported a fishing boat catch a whale shark, a prohibited animal, refer to the Notification of Ministry of Agriculture and Coorperation. The Royal Ordinance on Fisheries (BE.2558) impose the penalty of withdrawaling a fisheries license.
Dr. Adisorn Promthep revealed that there is a video footage in social media report that a whale shark has been held on a fishing boat in Phuket. According to a report from a local fisheries officer in the area found that
   1. boats's fishing tool is a Pair trawl, using two fishing boats to stretch out the net mouth open when in operation. Boat name is SAMUT SONGKHRAM 3, the registration is 228304242, the fisheries license is 618301010283. The boat controller, Mr.Somsamai Meejom admitted that the online media footage was really his boat, in conjunction with Mr.Rattana Promngam, as a controller of the second ship SAMUT SONGKHRAM 
   2. A local fisheries officer collect the evidence of situation and complaint to Phuket investigator for a violation of section 66 of The Royal Ordinance on Fisheries (2558) base on Notification of Ministry of Agriculture and Coorperation "determine a rare mammal or an endangered species are prohibited from catching or entering a fishing boat BE.2559 Number 2 (4) whale shark" in order to prosecute Mr.Somsamai Meejom, Mr.Rattana Promngam and other perpetrators until the case goes to the end. 
   3. Department of Fisheries has ordered to lockdown the boat, confiscicate the fishing gear and contract Marine Department to hold the fishing boat status according to NCPO order 22/2560 indicated that in case there is evidence that the fishing boat is involved in the legal offence of Fisheries to the legal authorities who have found an offence, order to hold the ship until the case ends and inform the department. The posture within 24 hours from the command of the ship and completed it within 3 days, and if the ship is a property that is used to commit a serious crime of Fisheries, let the court order the ship immediately.
For the punishment of the perpetrator. The R.O. on Fishery 2558, according to section 66, shall be subject to a fine of between three hundred thousand baht and three million baht, or to a fine of five times the value of the aquatic animals caught or brought on board a fishing vessel concerned. In whichever case, the higher fine shall apply, meanwhile, such boats must be considered to withdraw the license Fisheries based on section 39 and could not request any fisheries license, which the relevant agency will expedite evidence of evidence in order to proceed with legal involvement soon.

News Division:Administrator Date:2018-05-21 14:21 Updated:2018-05-30 10:16