Aquatic Animal Feed Research and Developement Division

Sub-Organization Administrator 2020-06-29 11:38


1. Study, research and develop aquatic animal feed technology and innovation and other  relevant.

2. Study, research and develop aquatic animal feed standards and control the quality of aquatic animal feed according to the Animal        Feed Quality Control Act and other related laws.

3. Study, analyze, research and develop technology for inspecting the quality and physical, chemical and microbiological safety in aquatic animal feed and raw materials, including develop the quality system of laboratories to meet international standards.

4. Control, inspect and regulate the standards and sanitation of aquatic animal feed mills, including monitor the quality and safety of aquatic animal feed to be in accordance with the laws and international standards.

5. Issue the licenses, permits, certificate of registration and other certificates for aquatic animal feed based on the Animal Feed Quality Control Act and other relevant laws.

6. Provide academic services, technology transfer and advice on aquatic animal feed.

7. Collaborate with or support the functions of other relevant agencies or any other tasks as may be assigned.

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Location Prod Prasob Building 4th-5th Floor