Inland Fisheries Research and Development Division

Sub-Organization Administrator 2020-03-18 12:00


1. Study, analyse and research inland aquatic biology, biological resource, inland aquatic biodiversity.
2. Study, analyse, reseach and rehabitate inland aquatic animal resources and inland aquatic ecosystem.
3. Estimate  inland aquatic ecosystem, fishery status, economic and fisherman social. Develop a protocol for fisheries management and sustainablity of fisheries resoures.
4. Collect species and research evolution of inland aquatic animal according to taxonomy and store example for comparison and reference according to a standard museum system.
5. Collect and exhibit inland aquatic animal and plant at freshwater aquarium
6. Develop, improve and maintain inland waters ensuring improvement of fisherise productivity.
7. Promote the participation and encourage local fisherman on fisheries management.
8. Provide academic services, transfer technology, advise on inland fisheries.
9. Carry out functions in collaboration with or support the functions of other relevant agencies or any other tasks as may be assigned.

Telephone 0 2562 0600 - 15 # 13611
Location Preeda Kannasut Building 6th - 7th Floor