Coastal Aquaculture Research and Development Division

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1.  Study, analyse, research and develop coastal aquaculture technology ofaquatic animal, aquatic plant and farm management.
2.  Study, analyse, research and rehabilitate aquatic animal resources and environment in aquaculture area.
3.  Study, analyse, and research coastal aquatic animal reproduction and breeding practices of aquatic animal and plant.
4.  Study, analyse and research coastal biodiversity of aquatic animal and plant include operate coastal aquatic animal and plant aquarium
5.  Study, analyse and encourage the development of coastal aquaculture business and job.
6.  Study, analyse and experiment coastal aquaculture method for aquatic animal and plant farm. Focusing on participation of farmer.
7.  Reproduce and breed coastal aquatic animal and plant.
8.  Regulate, control, inspect, track and oversee coastal aquatic animal and plant cultirvation to be proceed according to Department or International standard.
9.  Provide academic services, transfer technology, and advise on coastal aquatic animal and plant.
10.Provide services of soid and water diagnostic include defining water quality standard for coastal aquatic animal and plant cultivation.
11.Regulate, control and oversee the operation of irrigation for coastal aquaculture.
12.Carry out functions in collaboration with or support the functions of other relevant agencies or any other tasks as may be assigned.

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