Legal Affairs Division

Sub-Organization Administrator 2020-03-18 11:38


1. Carry out functions on legal matters with respect to law on fisheries , law on governing the rights to fish in Thai fishery waters , law on organizing the activities of the fish market , law on the wildlife preservation and protection and other related laws.
2. Study, analysis and comparative legal studies on fisheries law, both nationally and internationally.
3. Review, amend and draft legislative provisions, regulations, rules, notifications and orders with respect to law governing DOF that in consistent with situations and national and international law, including decisions on legal matters and dissemination of legal knowledge and other related laws.
4. Carry out functions on laws and regulations, civil and criminal liabilities, administrative cases and any other litigation cases under the responsibility of DOF.
5. Carry out function as the secretariat of the Settlement Commission in accordance with law on fisheries , in Bangkok districts.
6. Provide legal advices and recommendations on legal matters, arrangements, treaty or other relevant international agreements governing DOF.
7. Carry out functions in collaboration with or support the functions of other relevant agencies or any other tasks as may be assigned.

Telephone 0 2561 2928
Location 2 Floor KlangNam