Department of Fisheries sails towards sustainable success on addressing labour situation 

   677 อ่าน : 3 ปี

An exclusive interview with Dr. Adisorn Promthep, Director General of the Department of Fisheries, on the role and achievements of the Department i.. 

A better standard and quality of life for workers in Thailands shrimp industry 

   402 อ่าน : 3 ปี

For over eight years, the Thai Frozen Food Association, membership of which includes enterprises involved in seafood processing for export, has pla.. 

Development of good labour practice 

   535 อ่าน : 3 ปี

In response to global market demand, companies have to incorporate social responsibility into their business and in line with the International Lab.. 

GLP training programmes for the better of fishery industries in Thailand 

   584 อ่าน : 4 ปี

The Department of Fisheries, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, has taken measures to prevent and eliminate child labour, forced labour, sla.. 

Progress in Resolutions for Labour Problems in Thai Fishery Industries 

   612 อ่าน : 4 ปี

The Thai Government has been making steady progress in solving labour problems in Thai fishery industries. Following the master plan formulated in .. 

Masterplan of the resolutions for labour problems in Thai fishery industries: Ensuring legal labour practices in Thai fisheries 

   591 อ่าน : 4 ปี

The Department of Fisheries, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, as a core agency overseeing for Thai fishery; aquaculture; and fish processi.. 

New Royal Ordinance on Fisheries for betterment of Thailands fishery management 

   633 อ่าน : 4 ปี

The world, now, takes the view that IUU fishing is a problem tied in with labor/human trafficking. With the purpose of eliminating IUU fishing and .. 

 สงวนลิขสิทธิ์ กรมประมง กระทรวงเกษตรเเละสหกรณ์  2016-2020

กรมประมง เกษตรกลาง ถนนพหลโยธิน เเขวงลาดยาว เขตจตุจักร กรุงเทพมหานคร 10900