Stop IUU Fishing Award

Article Administrator 2019-02-21

Winners of the 2019 STOP IUU FISHING AWARDS were officially announced February 21, 2019 at the 6th Global Fisheries Enforcement Training Workshop (GFETW) held in Bangkok, Thailand.

Michele Kuruc, Vice-President of Ocean Policy of the WorldWildlife Fund and Todd Dubois, Chairman of the International MCS Network, presented the awards to:

First Place:  Pacific Island Forum Fisheries Agency for its Integrated MCS Framework.  

Second place: Thailand’s Department of Fisheries for its Fish Product Traceability System.

Third Place:   Co-awarded to Spain’s General Secretariat of Fisheries/Secretaría General de Pesca de España for Regulatory Reform and Operation Sparrowand Peru, on behalf of all counties which participate in the Network for the exchange of information and experience among countries of Latin America and the Caribbean to prevent, deter and eliminate IUU fishing, in Spanish language: Red de Intercambio de información y experiencias entre países de América Latina y El Caribe para Prevenir, Desalentar y Eliminar la Pesca INDNR.  

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Summary Report of Thailand
“Fish Product Traceability System: The key tool for Combating IUU Fishing of Thailand”

The Department of Fisheries, Thailand has developed two electronic traceability systems. The purpose is to increase the efficiency and capacity of Thailand’s traceability system in relation to both domestically produced and imported fish and fish products. 

In relation to domestically produced, the Thai flagged Catch Certification System (TF system) is initiated upon the landing of the fish at port, its onward purchasing, its processing until the Catch Certificate is issued. This system is linked with Fishing Info data analysis system which controls Thai-flagged fishing vessel prior to and during fishing as well as the landing of fish under the Port In inspection system. Thailand has the abillity to effecively control all fishing activities by its domestic fishing vessels both inside and outside of Thai waters.

Regarding imported fish, the PSM linked Processing Statement System (PPS) has been fully implemented to effectively trace and therefore control imported fish from the point of landing through the exporting process. This system greatly increases the transparency and accountability within the fish products chain of custody.
Both electronic traceability systems enable Thailand’s traceability system to be more effective. These are important innovations which significantly increase the capacity and capability of DOF officials to control fish and fish products throughout fish product flow. The most important aspect of these systems is the support provided through the information exchange involving all stakeholders. This significant increase in transparency has developed a competent traceability system that ensures that no IUU fish enters the international supply chain through Thailand.

source : the 6th Global Fisheries Enforcement Training Workshop