Fishing and Fleets Management Division

Sub-Organization Administrator 2020-03-18 11:56


1. Study, analysis, research and develop the system that monitor, control and surveillance Thai fishing vessels.
2. Study, analysis, research and develop the traceability system for aquatic animals from fishing operations of Thai fishing vessels at the fishing port.
3. Monitor, control surveillance and analysis activity of Thai fishing vessels via vessel tracking system.
4. Monitor and control inbound and outbound Thai fishing vessels.
5. Monitor and control the operations of the fishing ports and fish markets that registered with the Department of Fisheries.
6. Monitor, control, audit, collect and analyze Logbook, Marine Catch Purchasing Document, Marine Catch Transship Document. Include data of the landing aquatic animals at the fishing ports.
7. Carry out functions in collaboration with or support the functions of other relevant agencies or any other tasks as may be assigned.

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