Fisheries Industrial Technology Research and Development Division

Sub-Organization Administrator 2020-03-18 11:55


1. Study, analyse, research and develop the caretaking of aquatic animal from fishing operations to ultimate consumers. Supervise safety and hygiene include study biopoison in aquatic animal.
2. Study, analyse, research and develop innovations for aquatic product, packaging technology and improve production. 
3. Study, analyse, research and develop utilizations of aquatic animals and industrial leftovers to increase the value.
4. Study, analyse, research and develop tools, equipment, method and procedure of aquatic industry include develop production management system to be approachable and conform to standards.
5. Study, analyse, research and develop risk assessment of aquatic animals and aquatic product include track and oversee food hazard from consumption of aquatic animals and aquatic production.
6. Promote and encourage caretaking, processing and industry of aquatic animal conform to standard.
7. Provide academic services, transfer technology and advise on post-fishing technology.
8. Carry out functions in collaboration with or support the functions of other relevant agencies or any other tasks as may be assigned.

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